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My favorite video games are Shin Megami Tensei games especially the old school ones, my favorite is the Persona 2 duology. I love everything about P2 and the way the story was presented.
Maya's Theme-Atsushi Kitajoh Rearrange Ver- by Atlus — 130 plays
My love declaration to Kaneko’s Megaten designs

Kaneko is my favorite Megaten artist by far and I don’t know either why he disappears more and more from Megaten (I loved how he returned for Strange Journey with plenty of new awesome designs this should happen again xD). It seems that the majority of the Megaten fans prefers Soejima’s art though.

I do like Soejima’s character portraits for P1, P2 and Soul Hackers and his designs for Catherine and Doi’s human designs for SMTIV (I am not a fan of the designs for Lucifer though Hikaru is ok, the archangels and the demon forms of Jonathan and Walter in SMTIV though, however I still like the game a lot). I totally wish that Kaneko would be there in future games and cooperate with Soejima and Doi similar to how he cooperated with Soejima in the past (meaning that Kaneko does the basic design and Soejima and Doi could do the character portraits).

I will forever miss Kaneko’s designs especially since many demon designs look similar to the actual depictions of the deities.

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